Monday, 7 September 2015

Beatrix Potter and The Lake District

 Your Journey to Hilltop and beyond ...

By open topped bus?
Did you take a boat like this?

How far did you travel?
How long did it take
you to get to this special

Did you walk instead of
taking The Mountain Goat bus?

Was it a real adventure for
you too?

I had no idea quite
how far away it was from anywhere.

How would it have been in
Beatrix Potter's day?

It must have taken
a lot longer to get
from A to B.

I can picture Beatrix sitting in
her old Farmhouse, working
away in her study or her cosy
kitchen plotting and creating
her many characters.

She needed to be in a peaceful
place, to engage and work out
her stories and her fabulous

What came first? The illusrations or the
stories do you think?

Do you think she was a bit of a loner and needed her
own space and company?

I can picture her having visitors
from the postman, farm workers,
friends, and they would sit together
by the fire and all engage in
fascinating conversation.

All animals were Beatrix's friends.
Do you think her house was full
of them?

Did you take a rowing boat to the Landing Stage 
across Lake Windemere?

Do you think that Beatrix had to take 
a rowing boat to cross the lake?

If so who would have rowed? Mr Heelis?

How did Beatrix live?
We know she grew her own produce, had sheep, 
may be chickens to lay eggs, bees to pollinate the flowers
and make honey?

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