Saturday, 18 March 2017

What do I mean by a 'Mini Garden?'

 Mini Gardens

Hello, it is Spring 2017.

My aim this season is to create for 
any new customer a 'Mini Garden.'

With my many years of Gardening 
I wanted to 
 share my knowledge
creating you a planting scheme
in a small space. 

Simply put, you can create a garden 
in any small space. 

So if you happen to have a bigger space, 
I can divide it up into 'rooms' or sections.

What I offer my customers

January 2020



Garden design 
What to buy? 
Where to buy?
How or where to plant?

Cost £50.00- £70.00 depending 
on plot size


All of the above plus
Weekly tips
Maintenance advice

£80.00 plus depending on plot size

Research what plants would 
be suitable for your 
Garden your geographical area,  
soil type, sun, shade etc)

Additional services

Seasosnal planting  
in large pots and window boxes. 

Fee £20.00-£25.00

Please message Vanessa
 on :07944-868209