Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Do's and Don'ts in Gardening - Winter Season

 I'm back. Sorry for the absence.

Here is a list of
Do's and Don'ts
in Gardening

Please read on
and do ask as
many questions
as you like.

We are officially in winter now.
Plants are dormant from now
until March/April.

1. Don't forget, keep watering
plants in pots. (the soil will dry
out if not).

2.  Do remove dead branches by 
pruning them back.

3. Clear any messy leaves around

4. Compost them if you can.

5. Remove any diseased looking leaves
and burn or destroy them.

6. Don't throw away plants that are now
dormant. (See green shoots at the base).

7. Protect all pots and plants
over winter by keeping them
under cover or in a cool place
like a porch. 

8. If you are unsure if a plant
is still alive ask me for advice.
Send me a photo of it
or describe it to me.

How are you getting on with the tasks
I have listed?

Are you looking after
your plants in pots?

Have you found fleece
to cover your
precious plants?

What do you have in
your pots in flower
at the moment?

This is a real treat
and a jewel of winter

to me. I love its pure
white flowers that
are so cheerful on a cold dark day.