Thursday, 9 November 2017

Seasonal fayre

9th November 2017

Well where did this year go to? 
I can't quite believe we are
 in November already, can you?

Don't you just love this plant?
It's so beautifully formed

It looks like a kind of seaweed 
don't you think?

Bare branched cornus look fab with their red, 
orange and yellow stems. 

They make quite a statement. 

Leaves are falling from deciduous trees 
turning from green to ambers.

                              Lots of trees are still in beautiful
 colour like Liquid amber. It is a fabulous orangy,red.

What flowers can you still see 
now in November?

Roses seem to flower and flower. 
It's been a good year for them. 

It is great when the season is extended.

As long as it stays relatively mild they will 
keep budding and flowering. 

Colour at a London market

We all need something to give us cheer 
at this time of the year. 

Markets are great places to go to take it all in. 
So much to see and enjoy. 

We need colour around us at this time 
of the year as autumn fades 
 into less colour and the trees become 
bare and the season changes. 

Market stalls are fabulous places to go.

I get so much inspiration from them. 

Florists in markets have amazing 
and unusual flowers on sale. 

But do ask before you photograph!

Do you like browsing around markets 

to see what inspires you too?

If you have a small green space or just a patio, 
why not buy some lovely shrubs 
like bay trees (in small pots) 
to use over the coming months. 

I love bay leaves in soups, 
in veggie casseroles. 

I pick them from my bay shrubs and then dry 
them and they keep for ages. 

The aroma is wonderful when you first pick them.

Autumn is here

Thanks to everyone for following my blog. 
Please post up a question on anything plant related
and I will happily answer it as best I can.

See the bare branches of the shrubs now
Watch the orange and yellow leaves that 
fell to the ground.

Help our little feathered friends and feed them now.