Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Beatrix Potter blog P2.

Tell me your experiences of Hilltop.

Welcome to my interactive blog.


Q1. Can you picture Beatrix
 feeding her sheep?

Q2. Do you know the breed
 she was famous for?

One Beatrix Potter's outbuildings


Q3. Do you think 
Beatrix kept pigs in here?

Q4. Can you picture her working 
hard as a farmer through the long,
dark days of winter?

Q5. Which stories did she write 
Anything to do with pigs?


Q9. Which story did she base here?

Q6. Did you recognise any 
places from her books?

Q7. Which was your Favourite Book?

Q8. Can you picture her working
 out who, what, where, the plot, 
inside this house?

Q10. Does this remind you
of any of the Characters?


 Beautifully characterful.

Q11. Do you love 
the way she dresses 
up her characters 
in clothes and shoes?

Q12. Who do you think may
have come through this gate
in her stories?

Q13. Did the peace and quiet 
help her to write so well?

See the art of the dry stone walls.

Feels very homely 


Q14. Can you picture Beatrix sitting 
in her study sketching her pictures?

Q15. What gave her inspiration 
do you think and ideas to create 
such clever characters?



Do you think Beatrix made her own fruit jelly?

Q17. Was she a strong,
determined, take no
nonsense kind of a

Q18. Where did she get
her independent streak
from do you think?

Please share your stories and tell me 
what you loved about Beatrix Potter's 
life, books, home, skills, creations.

Leave me your comments below.


Q.19 Do you think Beatrix would
have chosen this?

Outside her Gallery
at Hawkshead.


Q21. Do you think Beatrix


             plotted her stories on this hill?

Q20. Do you think good
writers need beautiful
scenery to help set the
scene of a story and picture

their characters, be they friends,
animals or acquaintances?

How are you all doing 
so far? Please do let me
know! Who has been here?

I would love to hear your stories.

Q22. Who might you find
hiding in her Veggie Garden?


Q23. Who lost their beautiful


Q24. What names come
to mind?

What makes Beatrix Potter so 
special is that she 
was very down to Earth. 

She worked very hard, 
with the help of others, 
but never gave up!

She was very adaptable 
and could turn her hand 

to anything. She seemed to 
be a tough woman and 
was so commited to her cause.

This is a view Beatrix will
have known very well.







A fascinating character 
that we can connect with.

A woman loved by so many 
but someone who was so 
focused and cared for the 
outside world.  

Her world became 
our world.  

Q25. Do you think Beatrix 
grew Rosemary and other 

This is outside the Gallery 
in Hawkshead, a few miles 
away from her home at Hilltop. 

The exhibition there
is changed regularly
showing her work. 

Q.26 Do you know how many 
books Beatrix Potter wrote?  

Q27. Do you think Beatrix grew her 
own produce and 
had lots of animals to supply her 
with eggs, milk, butter
etc at Hilltop? 

Healthy summer crop of onions

Living far from anywhere meant 
a lot of creativity in Beatrix's life.

She worked 
with local farmers 
as people did, being connected 
in theire own community.

Q28. Do you think there were 
any shops in the Village?

Q29. If there was a shop 
do you think it
was called?


Marrows growing at Hilltop

Q30. Do you think Beatrix 
was happy to settle here
as she had to move about 
a lot before hand?

Q31. Do you think she 
enjoyed being on her 
own a lot?

Lovely summer colour
at the front of Hilltop

We all need colour to make 
us feel good 
but in a special Garden
 it is an added bonus. 

Nature at its simplest



Allium and Evening Primrose
 at Hilltop Garden

Hope you are enjoying reading 
my blog and getting
some quiet time out of your busy day.

Has anyone been here recently?
Please share your stories.
Would love to hear what you did here.


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Were they Herdwicke sheep?

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