Saturday, 5 January 2019

Winter quotes and poetry

April Poetry

"And Spring
arose on the
garden fair,
Like the Spirit of 
Love felt 
And each flower
and herb on
Earth's dark 
rose from the 
dreams of its 
wintry rest

Percy Byshee Shelley
The Sensitive Plant

"A violet in the
youth of primy
Forward, not 
The perfume and
suppliance of a 

William Shakespeare

"When the time is
ripe for certain 
these things 
appear in
different places
in the manner 
of violets coming
to light in the
early spring."

Farkas Bolyai 

"April hath put a
spirit of youth in 

William Shapeskeare

Early Spring Lines

"I heard a thousand blended notes,
While in a grove I sate reclined,
In that sweet mood when pleasant
Bring sad thoughts to the mind."

        "Through primrose tufts, 
             in that green bower,
The periwinkle trailed its wreaths;
And 'tis my faith that every flower
Enjoys the air that it breathes."

William Wordsworth

International Womens 
Day poetry

"Women are the mammoth 
reservoir of power and talent 
which has yet
not been tapped."

"Empower woman,
empower the human 
community. The base 
on which the world stands
is a woman."

"A woman is one who
walks on her own footsteps
rather than following 
the direction shown by the crowd."

"Love yourself first and 
everything else falls into 

You really have to love yourself
to get anything done in 
this world."

Lucille Ball 

"A woman is like a tea bag
- you never know how 
strong she is until she 
gets it hot water."

Eleanor Roosevelt

I hope you enjoy my poetry.

March poetry 

"The air is like a 
With frail blue
The happy earth 
looks at the sky
And sings."

Joyce Kilmer,


"The sun is 
brilliant in the sky
but its warmth
does not reach 
my face.

The breeze stirs
the trees but
leaves my hair
The cooling rain
will feed the
grass but will not
slake my thirst. 
It is all inches 
away but further
from me than my 

M. Romeo
LaFlamme, The 
First of March

"I wandered 
lonely as a cloud
That floats on
high o'er vales 
and hills,
When at all once
I saw a crowd,
A host of golden
Beside the lake,
beneath the
Fluttering and 
dancing in the 

William Wordsworth

"All nature seems at work.
Slugs leave their 
The bees are 
stirring, birds are 
on the wing,
And Winter 
slumbering in the 
open air,
Wears on his smiling face
a dream of spring."

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"You ask me why
I dwell in the
green mountain;
I smile and make
no reply for my 
heart is free of care.
As the peach-
blossom flows
down stream
and is gone into the
I have a world
apart that is not
among men."
Li Bai 

February poetry 
by Mike Garofalo

Circled round by 
snowcapped peaks - 
white blossoms.

I hear the truth -
gray rain on clay.

Daily rain -
from the deep well 
this glass of water.

Dark trees 
darker clouds -
rain on my glasses.

The pavement 
a dirt road began -
stopping in the rain.

Old figs
abandoned -
peacocks home.

Other poets 

"Winter is the time for comfort,
for good food 
and warmth,for
the touch of a 
friendly hand and 
for a talk beside the fire: it is the 
time for home."

Edith Sitwell

"Keep your faith 
in beautiful 
in the sun when it
is hidden, 
in the Spring
when it is gone.

Roy R Gibson

"The flowers of
late winter and
early spring
occupy places in 
our hearts well
out of proportion 
to their size."

Gertrude S. Wister

"Was it the smile
of early spring
That made me
bosom glow?
'Twas sweet, but
neither sun nor
Could raise my 
spirit so.

Was it some
feeling of delight,
All vague and
No 'twas a 
rapture deep and
Expanding in the 

Anne Bronte,
In Memory of A Happy Day 
in Februry

"Winter came
down to our 
home one night
pirouetting in on
slippers of snow,
And we, we were
children once

"Why, what's the 
That you have 
such a February 
So full of frost, of
storm and

William Shakespeare,
 Much Ado About

January Gardening quotes 

The leaves hop, scraping on the ground.
It is January. The sky is hard.

The stalks are firmly rooted in ice.
It is in this solitude, a syllable,

Out of these gawky flitterings,

Intones its single emptiness,
The savagest hollow of winter sound.

Wallace Stevens

You'd be so lean, that blasts of January
Would blow you through and through.

William Shakespeare 

"Here's to thee,
old apple tree
Whence thou
mayest bud
Whence thou
mayest bear
apples enow."

Wassailing Songs

"To read a poem 
in January is as 
lovely as to go
for a walk in 

Jean-Paul Sartre

"It is deep January.
The sky is hard.
The stalks are firmly rooted
in ice."

Wallace Stevens

Hope you all enjoyed this month's poetry. 
Please keep reading with me. 

January 2019 - A new beginning

A very happy New Year in 2019 
to you all.

Thanks to all my followers.

Please keep reading. 

Peto Garden, Wiltshire

Well here we are again, 
at the start 
of another year. 

But we always like to look 
back to what we did.

You will recall that this summer 
was fabulously hot.

The best thing for me was 
feeling happy 
and caring for lots of even 
happier plants most of the time.

In the summer I had the 
privilege of visiting
 a gem of a garden 
in Wiltshire. 

I would like to share 
this place with you. 

Peto Gardens is quite an achievement 
as it is in a valley 
and it is built up on layers
 of terraces and amazing vistas.  

Peto Gardens from the
 middle looking downwards

It makes you feel like you are 
transported to somewhere
 no-one else knows about. 

Sadly it was not a nice 
summer day to take pictures
 but hopefully you can 
a good idea of 
what it looks like. 

One of the fabulous
vistas at Peto Gardens

Plants that flower in January 

So back to our New Year and 
what you can grow
 happily even in a cold climate.

Helleborus niger 

Let me share with you one 
of my favourite flowers. 

It is so dainty and beautiful.

Better still it is really easy 
to care for. 

Spring flowering

It was the 28th of March 2018
when I visited the beautiful 

landscaped Swiss Garden
 in Bedfordshire.

It was spring time and the rain
was pouring down! 

So looking at plants in the rain with
 a huge umbrella 
was a bit of a challenge.

Trying to photograph these

beauties was a bit tricky.

Plant of the week
5th January 2019

Hellebores are winter flowering
 plants. I grow them in pots.

They look lovely in a cluster,
in a woodland setting.

My advise to you is go to a good
garden centre and pick the
best looking flowering

Check the leaves for bugs
and make sure they look
healthy and green.

Bring it home and enjoy

it every day. 

 These hellebores are so
varied in colour. 

Fabulous deepest purple.

Contrasting hellebores
and daffodils 

Care for hellebores
Hellebores will be happy 
in pots but do be aware 
of seasonal bugs. 

I get them on mine and remove
 them with my fingers.

Keep them watered 
or they will dry out.

Please keep following me.

Apologies for my absence 
but I promise
 I will be updating soon.

It's Monday 7th January 2019 
and the start of a new week. 

Time to take in what is around you. 

Sometimes we are too busy 
not looking around us and
 seeing what beauty there
 is in nature. 

Trees are such an important 
part of nature so try to stop for 
a minute and look up at them.

Bamboo makes a statement

I love the way bamboo creates
such a cool effect 
to any beautifully
crafted garden.

Black bamboos are something 
special as they feel
 a bit mysterious with their 
black stems.

It's elegance is something that 
is very eye-catching.

See the way the glass
reflects the light here.

A small building in the middle
 of this fabulous Garden.

January flowers 

 Brightens up your 
dark January day.

Clematis 'Jungle Bells'

This year this plant is somewhat 
confused after the long hot summer 
which actually scorched the whole

As a result it flowered early and it has
 very few flowers now.

A real winter beauty here below.

Christmas box with
the sweetest scent

Late flowering this year
so hopefully

 it will be out soon. 

So at long last the flowers 
are coming out. 

Such a fabulous
scent they have.

Should be flowering 
at the end of the year, 
in December. 

Still at the end of January 
it has a few flowers.

It really packs a punch 
this beauty with
the most fabulous scent. 

Snowdrops bring
us cheer

We all need something
to lif tour moods in January.

There's nothing better 
than a clump of dainty 
snowdrops to 
lift our spirits this month. 

Snowdrops are bulbs 
so it's too late 
to plant them in January, 
but if you have 
none why not enjoy looking 
at them in a wood near you. 

Clematis care
in January

Be mindful of your delicate
plants at this time of the year. 

When the white stuff 
falls from the skies it 
lands heavily on our poor 
plants, treat them carefully.

Brush it off gently and 
make sure you don't damage 
the leaves and flowers 
right now. 

If you can protect them with 
horticultural fleece 
that will be really good.