Tuesday, 19 January 2016

My Gardening story

Inspiration from famous 
Gardeners and Gardens

I am like every other professional 
gardener you will find. 

We all share the same deep desire 
and connection 
with the bare beautiful soil.

What do you mean, I hear you laugh?

Some people are born to love 
the creative and artistic world. 

I am one of those people.

I couldn't be a gardener if I had
 no passion, vision or 
artistic ability.

Famous Gardeners in history 

Let's take a look at what gardening 
was many years ago for women.

Women throughout history 
have made 
gardening so inspirational;
famous gardeners have given
 this to us. 

All those beautifully crafted 
and designed 
gardens all over the world 
were not made without lots 
of planning and design.


We really have so much 
to be grateful
 for and to admire. 

What would Gardening be today

without such well known women?

Art in a Rose
is pure beauty

So famous these women were like
Beatrix Potter, 
Gertrude Jekyll,
Vita Sackville-West to name a few, 
that they had roses named after them.

Perfection is this vista
created for effect

So dedicated was Beatrix Potter
 in what she really loved,
she was a gardener and an artist. 

She was also a very skillful 
business woman. 

She left us so many 
properties (in the United Kingdom) 
under the management 
of the National Trust. 

These dedicated women 
had so much 
foresight and skill. 

All inspirational women.

And the stunning Gardens
they have left to be admired. 
Follow with me.

Sweetly scented

Their styles, their
creativity, their expertise have all
left us with so much pleasure,
wealth and style in Cumbria,
in Kent, Surrey,
and worldwide.

These women were primarily
researching what would grow in
what conditions, and to thrive in.

Simplicity of design at Kew Gardens

What would these famous women
 have thought of this?

Garden design is such an 
individual thing. 

Many public gardens we 
find around the world have 
been created
 in a similar way. 

Carpet bedding, 
as you can see here 
above is of a particular 
style and era.

It is not to everyone's liking
 but it has a purpose. 

It is effective in a particular 
setting like here at Kew Gardens 
where there is so much space.

Personaly I do not like it but
 that is fine as we all have our 
own views and opinions 
about gardens. 

Holyhocks create a 
palette of colour 

These famous women, as mentioned 
above, enlisted the help of other 

and together

created some astonishingly
beautifully designed structures; 

as well as perfect companion
planting in fabulous settings.

Follow my journey of 
some famous Gardeners.

See here the
use of natural
stone walls used
to create boundaries 
and land division
in the Lake District.

These famous
women used
nature and found

inspiration from the landscape they were living in
all over the world. I find it absolutely fascinating.


Set in a perfect Woodland setting
in the shade

at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire.
(privately owned garden)

Beatrix Potter travelled 
a lot as a young girl to Scotland
 and the Lake District, 
where she got lots of inspiration
 in nature. 

She had a fascination of insects 
and small animals which she would 
dissect and then
draw in great detail.

Some of these drawings were 
later used in her 
famous children's

Bearix Potter had such an affinity
 with  all creatures and

She really was an extra-ordinary 
woman who I can really 
connect with on so many levels. 

These amazing drawings 
and archives can be seen at 
Hilltop Farm's museum
and also in the museum 
in the village 
of Hawkshead 
(a short bus ride away).

It is really fascinating and worth
 a visit in the
warmer months of the year.

Hilltop, Beatrix Potter's home 
makes me 
feel a real connection with her life. 

Her home was such a creative, 
homely place and such a perfect 
setting for 
her childrens stories. 

When you are there 
you feel like she 
has just stepped out and 
she will 
be walking up the 
front pathway any minute. 

It is such an emotive place 
and you can feel how she
felt almost and how she
 worked away 
with such care and 

determination to make
 such a beautiful life. 

Garden design is
all around us

Gertrude Jekyll, Artist and Gardener, 
travelled to Europe to find

She travelled
to Turkey and Greece 
for inspiration for her gardens. 

Such passion and enthusiasm 
for beautiful 
gardens makes us realise
how forward thinking she was.

No Gardener whoever they are
can be content without the beauty
of trees to create shade, a canopy
for wild life, or somewhere to sit
and contemplate.

See this fabulous shiny bark
which is so attractive of the wild cherry.
At Hatfield House, Hertfordshire. 

Beatrix Potter planted lots of fruit trees
 in her orchard to keep her going through 
the colder months
She was such a well organise
and careful gardener.

Some of these privately owned 
Gardens we have 
have become sanctuaries
 to admire and respect.

To take in planting
schemes, admire the
views through
landscaped hedges
and feel at peace as
Beatrix Potter,
Gertude Jekyll and
Vita Sackville-West
would have done.

Small Maple in woodland,
Hatfield House

Trees are such an integral 
part of nature. 
We need trees to admire and 
to nuture for always.

What is a landscaped garden
 without beautiful trees to admire?

How trees can be
trained at RHS Wisley

Gertrude Jekyll was also a writer.

Her planting ideas are very much
 copied to this day.

She lived at Munstead Wood 
in Surrey where she created her garde
in the Arts & Crafts style.

These Gardens were huge and planting
 on such a grand scale
has to be admired, whatever you 
think about her designs.

Beauty in a summer

Quotes from Vita Sackville- West

"The whole of Sissinghurst reeks of hops, 
which I find an agreeably Kentish smell. "
"Autumn in felted slipper shuffles on,
Muted yet fiery - Autumn's character.
Brown as a monk yet flaring as a whore."

Part of a poem called " PALMYRA" 

"This is the street of a hundred golden columns,
But the pavement is of sand;
Sand of a desert, a white, a wind-blown
Forgotten strand."

Vita Sackville-West

It is so beautifully captured.
You feel like you are there with her!

Gardeners in my mind are Artists; Gardening is
an art form and words are part of Art.

Have you seen
these beauties?

Flowers are an artists palette. 

Did you know that these roses (below) 
love wooded shady areas?

There is something very special
 to me about
female Gardeners.

I am so respectful of these 
women who have
become so iconic.

The lengths they went to, 
to be successful
and the people they were connected with 
makes it all the more intriguing.

Front porch at 'Hill Top' 

Beatrix Potter would look out of her
bedroom window across

the orchard to see the sheep,
the hill and the trees.

I can picture Beatrix Potter picking her produce and making
jam in her cosy fire warmed kitchen.
I feel her home was the hub of the community.

But it it was not an easy way of making a living.

She lived in a cold climate and had a lot of illness in her life.

Beatrix Potter had a vision 
for her new Garden.

She called in a local stone mason 
to redesign it.

She wanted more space for 
her favourite plants. 
Unusually the Garden was at the
front of the house, and on a hill.

So she created a symmetrical 
pair of borders either side 
of her house. 

Beatrix made flower arrangements
for her house and friends. 

She loved pastel coloured 
and poppies
in particular.

Everything was important to Beatrix.
The birds and animals were all a part
of her home.

She grew sea thrift, gentians 
and tiny saxifrages
in an old horse trough. 
Everything had a use.

An old tree here, 
in Beatrix Potter's orchard.

I can see her sitting here 
on the grass gathering
the fruits of her labour. 
A truly amazing woman.

 Where would we be without 
these robust and
adventurous iconic women?

Who created so much and 
to this day,  feel there
are no such iconic people to 
look up to and admire
in the same way.

Beatrix Potter would have
adored these little cygnets

What do you admire about
 Gertrude Jekyll?
 What do you think her life 
was really like?

True beauty of a Rose.

Gertrude Jekyll was a very skilled
designer in her day.

We all love roses in any setting
 but imagine 
planning a whole planting
that can be replicated 

over and over again.

We need to live in 
a colourful world of
beautiful plants and flowers 
all around us.

To be successful you do need to be
 focused and work hard.

Was life back in this era less demanding
in a different kind of way?

How do you think 
these women coped
in their world? 

Being creative 
and resourceful and working 
the land in a practical way.

Do you think these resourceful 
women had a much slower 
pace of life?

Summer colour, so fabulous
No flower more popular back then and now.

Everyone loves roses whatever colour.

Border at Waterperry Gardens.

It is now time to remind

that we would
 not have such fabulous
Gardens to visit without
saying a big thanks
 to these famous women? 

Garden canal
 at R.H.S.Wisley

What a quirky artistic piece of
Garden Design this canal is here.

What a clever effect with the
 dark coloured water. 

What would life be like now or 
then without Gardens,
flowers, shrubs and trees to look at?

The beauty of nature

Everyone loves beautiful 
flowers to admire.

The sweet scent of the narcissi, 
spring fragrance for now.

Simplicity of Alpine Gardens