Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Beatrix Potter's Life P.2

Pleasee keep following me on my 
famous Gardners journey. 

Beatrix Potter's Cumbrian life
in the beautiful Lake District. 

A view Beatrix Potter
would have admired

 Beatrix Potter has become 'an icon' 
and a special woman throughout history 
and to the present day. 

Beside Derwent Water (Lake)

Her youth was relatively 
comfortable and she travelled
and holidayed in many places. 

This shows that her Father had
a good income and this enabled
the family to get away from 
London and be in more pleasant 
She strikes me as a very unusual
person from a young age. She was 
always intrigued by animals, insects, 
fungi and so much more.


Peaceful still waters

Beatrix Potter became a 
real plants woman
and was able to create
almost anything. 

Village of Near Sawrey

 She was also a farmer
and  nothing seemed 
to phase her.

She was a real 
entrepreneur and 
was so ahead of her

She fascinates me and
so many people still. 

Being strong minded 
as a woman was perhaps
quite unusual in her 
day. I am sure she 
inherited a lot 
of this from her father.

with whom she had a good relationship.
He was a greate role model for her.

One of Beatrix Potter's
stories was based here

Beatrix Potter  is such a legend. Her writings 
are loved by so many people throughout the world. 

But she has left it a better place with many 
National Trust  properties all over the 
United Kingdom for us to enjoy and revisit.

Everyone has some link
to her with her famous
'Peter Rabbit' story and other 

Perfection in a Rose.
Hawkshead Galley

Monday, 12 October 2015

Canal Walks and Autumnal Fruits


I walk by the Canal a lot. 

I know a lot of the stretch 
I walk and take different 
routes sometimes. 

Peaceful today

This is part 
of  The Grand 
Union Canal in 

I love the calm 
effect of water.

Very few boats
moving today

I love the reflections
of the trees and clouds 
in the still canal water. 

Everything looks different
at this time of the year. 
Light levels are lower 
and shadows seems more


I love the reflections
here and the colour

I saw a tiny kingfisher in flight 
today. Amazing deep blue feathers.

Happy Duck!

Autumn is here with 
lots of food for our wildlife.

I love looking at the Houseboats
and admire the alternative lifestyle.

Autumn Hawthorn berries

I love the colour of these cygnets
They really are elegant don't you think?

It's a duck's life! 

Love the refelctions here.

Fabulous dark
green plumage

It seems  pretty peaceful this duck's life. 
Waddling, eating, bathing.

Seagulls come flocking here

Love watching them flying over the canal.

Autumn brings its
own colour palette 

Water and reflections look so cool here