Wednesday, 29 April 2015

How to Create your own Mini Garden P.1

Haiku Poetry  

Courtyard small my delight
Pots colour give me peace
Still tranquill, I sit alone

I want to know how you are, 
if you are progressing with 
your 'green' space,
concrete space etc. 

How is it shaping up?

Do you have a balcony at
the top of a high rise block? 

Do you have a few old
window boxes? A sad 
neglected 'space'?


Is it a boring, concrete space
which is crying out for some

Is it small, rectangular?
Bit like this perhaps?     


Just to say,
I inherited this patio but it
has to stay as it is not a priority. 

We need something soft on the 
eye to make it look attractive. 

That is why I am showing it to 
you first of all.

So let's get growing,
creating something pretty. 
(like this 
beautiful unusual tulip).


I have something to share with
you first. 

I recall living in a shared 
flat ages ago and had 
the best outdoor space ever. 
It was a huge balcony.

It was really great and it had lots 
of deep planters all the way along 
its length. Plus it was sheltered
there so I was really lucky. 

Better still, no-one else used it! 
 grew lettuces and herbs and
some huge sunflowers.

But looking back I had so much
and I could have created a lot more.

It was like raised beds ready to go
 and the bonus was they were 
filled with soil!

I have a strange memory of 
planting up small troughs along 
the top of the wall. 

These were planted up with 
bright orange marigolds.

That is a plant I would never grow now. 

This is part of my Garden, 
a neglected patch of grass

   and small flower bed planted 
with a few lonely bulbs. 

But you can do anything with 
a patch of turf, a space you want
to make your own
which is your very own plot.

Hidden and sheltered from
your neighbours, in a large town with back 
to back terrace houses. 

A few essential tools,
some gloves and some
beautiful plants.


Here is a small raised bed I have
 in a vegetable patch.

I bought the structure which 
is a bit basic but it does the job.

It is 4 pieces of treated plastic that 
all lock together to form
this square. It serves a purpose.

As my ground is not level I placed 
this raised bedin different areas and 
found  the best site for it.

My Garden is very steep and 
tricky to work with.

So I found the best site, after 
having a few trees reduced
and it now it gets plenty more 
light for growing plants.

We will work on this plot too.

So back to your 'Mini Garden' 
which is what I am here for. 
As I don't yet know what you
personally have I will paint a 
picture here and see if I can
help to guide you.

1. The concrete 'space' 

With a rectangular balcony 
we can't physically lift up the stone.


But you can find some real bargains 
from antique shops. 

I bought this really
neat planter which I sanded down
 and painted green.

Let's find four  or five planters 
which can be different shapes and sizes. 
This is your first challenge.      


I found this one in
my potting shed.

Let me know how tricky it was please.
Then we can move on.

How you gettting on with 
your search for planters?

Do you prefer wooden planters? 

Barrels? Metalic?

Look in unusual places. 

Look at other peoples
planters to get some ideas. 

2. Materials/Plants

You need to buy some multi purpose 
compost to fill them with.

Buy say two 50 litre bags form a good
 Garden Centre. Let me
know when you have done this.  


Let's go for seasonal flowers/ plants 

with lots of colour.

1. Wall flowers (red/yellow/orange)

2. Heucheas 

3. Euonymous 

4. Miniature bay trees 

5. Miniature/Patio roses 

6. Herbs - Rosemary, Sage, Mint (many varieties)

7. Lavender (various types to discuss)

8. Cotton Lavender

1. Yellow wallflower


(green, copper, dark red)



3. Euonymous


4. Miniature Bay Tree

5. Patio Rose

Please see Mini Gardens P2
 for next step.

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Patsy said...

Those plants should give you a good show over a long time. I like a mixture of evergreens and seasonal plants, so there's change but always something to see.