Friday, 17 April 2015

Questions and Answers

 "Spring would not be spring without bird songs."
 Francis M Chapman

Q. Do you need advice on
     choosing shrubs?

Q. Do you love flowers but have
     no idea how to grow them?

Q. Have you just moved to a flat?
     Need an attractive balcony?

Q. Do you have a window
     sill needing lovely herbs?


Q. Does your doorstep
     need some colour?

Q Do you want to know
    about Container Planting?

Q. Do you have old pots
     lying about in the shed?

Q. Do you want some
     Gardening tips for Spring?

I would love to give you any suggestions on how
to plant up for Spring. Please do contact me on
my blog, leave me a comment/question and I will
give you the best advice.  

Does anyone have any questions to ask me? 
Please do contact me with any Gardening/pest
related questions. 

Don't worry it it feels a bit trivial do ask
about your plant health or how to care for it. 

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