Monday, 11 January 2021

Gardening tips January 2021


Gardening Jobs 
for January

Leaves need to be raked up 
(good exercise for the day).

Put your leaves into their 
own compost bay.
(not with the rest of 
your compost).

If no space for above, 
gather into plastic bags
 and makes holes in them. 

Tie the bags up and leave.

Leave for the season until 
the leaves break down
into beautiful homemade

Feed the hungry little birds 
in your garden.

Give them shop bought 
bird feed and place 
in bird feeders.

Can give them bread
 or fruit too.

Put out clean 
water regularly. 

Watch your winter flowering 
plants and take in the perfume.

Make sure your pot plants
 are well watered 
as terracotta dries the plants out. 



Unknown said...

I have several bird feeders in my yard, but they still end up picking at my vegetable patch. Is there a way to keep them out of there?

Mini Gardens UK said...

Thanks so much for your question.
Sure, so does your vegetable area have winter veggies growing in it now? Do you have netting that you can use to cover them with?(Like green mesh netting) and hold down with small wooden posts. Are they large wood land birds?

Please let me know as I hope I can help you solve this problem.