Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Garden aspects

I want to share with you some 
of the challenges I have faced in 
creating my garden.

  One, it is in a valley
and two, how to garden on 
a slope.  

Choosing the right plants for 
the soil conditions
and being aware that the 
ground is not level.


I wanted to share some of the things 
in my garden I have had to contend 
with over the years I have lived here.

I have a north facing garden (which 
had I realised at the time), I would not 
have taken it on.

Also it is very steep which makes for
 a challenging way of gardening.


As this is the case, a lot of plants 
are in pots and containers
which makes it supposedly 
easier to manage. 

So when you take on a new 
garden project think about the 
aspect (i.e. the direction it faces). 

Is it south facing etc?

Where does the sun shine
in your garden? 

Where do you want to sit?
 In the sun or in the shade?

Where with your plants 
be happiest?


As it is north facing, 
  there is less sun 
and there are areas where it gets
cold and can trap frost, (like here behind 
this wall below).

As it is cooler and in the 
shade the daffodils opened 
very late,
in the middle of May. 



I just wanted to share this with you 
so you don't make the same mistake
when starting your new planting scheme.

At the very top of the steepest part 
of the garden 
there is a boundary fence
so the plants that I chose were
suitable for a north facing 

That means they would not get 
much sunshine there
so it would be quite shady.

This plant here is a yellow 
winter flowering jasmine. 
 but it is hard to access it.

So the lesson is best not to plant 
things that you can't easily access.

Also it is somewhat confused as it 
is flowering in June not later in the year. 

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